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Introduction to the CRAIG

Centre de Recherche en Action publique, Intégration et Gouvernance – CRAIG (asbl)

Avenue de la Dame 40
5100 Namur-Jambes

CRAIG stands for "Centre de Recherche en Action publique, Intégration et Gouvernance" or Centre for Research on Public Action, Integration and Governance.

CRAIG's main working language is French. Therefore, some of our activities are conducted in English, as well as some of our publications and links to resources.

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The goals of the CRAIG : to promote a better understanding of public policies

The goals of the CRAIG are, on an interdisciplinary basis:

  • to promote a better understanding, analysis and debates on public policies; 
  • to promote exchanges on public policy between political, administrative, economic, social, cultural, religious and philosophical leaders and with researchers active in universities or in other settings; 
  • to contribute to the continuying education of these persons; 
  • to facilitate and to promote access and dissemination of information (electronic or paper) on public policy, to specialized audiences and to all citizens; 
  • to help political, administrative, economic, social, cultural, religious and philosophical leaders in the development, implementation, analysis and evaluation of public policy.

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Our domains of interest

Our main domains of interest are :

  • relations between religious or philosophical communities and government;
  • cultural diversity and social cohesion ;
  • public finance ;
  • local finance and governance ;
  • social and econoimic debate, more espacially on political economy, third sector economics, environmental economics and public economics;
  • public policies.

Our main areas of interest are Belgium, Luxembourg, France and more generaly Europe.

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Our approach

The approach of CRAIG focuses on observation, analysis and evaluation of instruments of public action.
It is interdisciplinary, comparative and attentive to the operational dimension.

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Become a member

The CRAIG is a non profit organisation (Moniteur Belge, 14  Nov. 2010). Individuals, private or public organisations can become category B members (with no voting rights in our statutory bodies) and benefit from the following advantages :

  • price reduction on subscriptions, publications and other activities of the CRAIG;
  • a free or privileged access to the information proposed by the CRAIG;
  • a priority registration to our activities (training, lectures,...) when the number of participants is limited;
  • price reductions on publications or activities of some of our partners.

Membership fees amount to :

  • individual : 30 EUR - to become a member, click here.
  • private organisation - to become a member, please contact us
    • 60 EUR (1 beneficiary)
    • 100 EUR (2 beneficiaries)
    • 130 EUR (3 beneficairies)
  • public organisation : please contact us.

Founding members

Members of the Board (alphabetical order)

Jean-François Husson

Master in Economics and Social Sciences (University of Namur), associate-researcher and collaborator at the University of Liège (Institute of Human and Social Sciences and Tax Institute), visiting lecturer at the FOPES (UCL) and lecturer at the Haute Ecole de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg
Advisor at the Ministry of Finance (1999-2003), member of the Secretariat of the High Council of Finance. Secretary General of the Inter-University Centre for Continuying Education (2003-2011) and of the Royal Society for Political Economy (2004-2012). Member of the scientific board of the EUROPA network. 
Founder of the Observatory on Administrative Relations between Religious and Philosophical Communities and the State (ORACLE) in 2001, he has been a member of various official expert committees on church-state relations in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Christophe Kevelaer

Master in Economics and Social sciences (University of Namur).
After being responsible for financial advice to small and medium businesses, corporate and leasing, he is today adviser within the Financial Cooperative Group Cera, firmly involved in societal projects support : charities and associations, third sector and non profit,... Also a member of the jury of the Social Economy Prize and the jury ImpulCera.

Pr Dr Marie-Françoise Rigaux

Ph.D. in Laws (UCL, thesis in 1984) and degree in Humanities (UCL).
Professor of Constitutional Law at the Saint-Louis University in Brussels. Holds the following courses : Principles of Law, Public Law and Special Issues in Public Law.
Legal adviser at the Constitutional Court since 1985.
Member of the Inter-University Centre for Philosophy of Law.
Member of the Scientific Board of the Regional School of Public Administration (ERAP) since 1993 and Director of the cycle of communal management training since 2008.
Co-President of the Commission responsible for reviewing the status of ministers of recognized religions (2005-2006).
Member of Regional College of communal and public management (January 2008).
Associate Professor at the University of St. Thomas in Ouagadougou (2009).


Daily management

Jean-François Husson, Secrétary General of the  CRAIG, is in charge of the scientific and administrative management of the Centre.

jf.husson at

Institutional partners

The CRAIG has individual and corporate members. There are also other institutional partners in various capacities.

Scientific and expert committees

Scientific and expert committees are established within each sector of CRAIG. It includes members, guests and partners engaged in scientific or professional activities related to the relevant field and belonging to igher education in French-speaking Belgium, higher education outside French-speaking Belgium, government and sector professionals.

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