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CRAIG stand for "Centre de Recherche en Action publique, Intégration et Gouvernance" or Centre for Research on Public Action, Integration and Governance.

CRAIG's main working languages are French and English but the frame of our website is mainly in French. Therefore, we advice you to navigate through our website using the English menu and to click on "French" once you have found the page you are intrested in. All sources, including the ones in English, are indeed presented on the French page in order to give everyone a comprehensive view of all available sources.

For any contact, please use this link and we'll be glad to answer in English.

The first six icons refer to domains in which the CRAIG has developed an expertise, through studies, researches, trainings and conferences. Clicking on an icon or a title herebelow  will lead you to the ad hoc page of our website. Most items are in French but some documents, links or papers are in English.

Churches and State Relations

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Social cohesion and cultural diversity 


Public policies

Nos différents domaines de compétences


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