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The CRAIG and the members of its network have developed a wide expertise in public finance, including economics, legal and sociological aspects. This includes personal experience in governmental work for some of us and, in the context of the CRAIG, various trainings and studies for governments and other public or private bodies.

If you are interested by a collaboration (exchange of information, cross referencing, collaboration for a conference or a research project), please contact us, for instance through “Contactez-nous” on the main menu. Messages can be sent and will be responded to in English. Should that be necessary, we could provide you with some of our references.

If you just want to access information provided through our website, you can go back to the web page in French related to this domain and browse through the articles, as sources in French, English and Dutch are provided.

You can always contact the CRAIG, in English, using “Contactez-nous” on the main menu.

IMF, Washington, 13.02.2014. "Using a novel empirical approach and an extensive dataset developed by the Fiscal Affairs Department of the IMF, we find no evidence of any particular debt threshold above which medium-term growth prospects are dramatically compromised. Furthermore, we find the debt trajectory can be as important as the debt level in understanding future growth prospects, since countries with high but declining debt appear to grow equally as fast as countries with lower debt. Notwithstanding this, we find some evidence that higher debt is associated with a higher degree of output volatility."

IMF, 22 Aug. 2013 : 'This paper provides a general framework to assess the output and debt dynamics of an economy undertaking multi-year fiscal adjustment. The framework allows country-specific assumptions about the magnitude and persistence of fiscal multipliers, hysteresis effects, and endogenous financing costs. In addition to informing macro projections, the framework can also shed light on the appropriate phasing of fiscal consolidation—in particular, on whether it should be front- or back-loaded. (...)".

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